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421 Online offers a professional WordPress Website Design & Development service. We are professional website designers and digital marketing specialists. We design and develop user-friendly WordPress CMS websites. 

We can create all types of websites from a simple brochure site, a custom business service website, or a complete shopping cart e-commerce solution to ensure you meet your online marketing goals.

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Goal Orientated Website Design

Without a goal you cant score. We offer a goal-based website design approach whether you only require a splash page for a marketing campaign, a large info-based website, or an e-commerce shopping cart solution, we can assist.  Our consultants will guide you on which approach is the best for your business to maximize leads and conversions.


Any Business Type

Whether you are a start-up business or a medium to large business, we are happy to work with you.  Get in contact with our consultants to discuss your web design requirements.

Our WordPress Web Design Services

WordPress Development

  • Theme Installation
  • Theme configuration
  • Site Framework
  • Content Creation
  • Plugin Installation
  • Plugin Configuration

WebSite Maintenance

  • Theme Updates
  • Site Security
  • Broken Link Checking
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Plugin Updates
  • General WebSite Health

Website SEO

  • On-Page SEO
  • Website Speed
  • Header Tags
  • HTML Markup
  • Google Search
  • Webmaster Tools

How much does a web design project cost?

As all businesses have different requirements and we strive to ensure our clients reach their online goals packages can vary.  We provide different affordable web design solutions depending on your business requirements.  We provide monthly, yearly, and once-off packages to suit different web design projects.  

  • All-inclusive packages which include hosting, email, and maintenance start from R99 per month for a simple splash page or R499 per month for a complete business website design. 
  • E-Commerce Solutions start at R799 per month
  • Once-off packages start from as little as R3500.
  • We also provide custom solutions depending on the requirement of the project
  • Sometimes more than a website design is needed and we will discuss a marketing strategy to maximize your leads and conversions utilizing SEO, Online marketing (Pay-Per-Click ads), and social media management.

Have a chat with us so we can discuss your requirements to ensure we provide the best solutions which provide value for your business.  

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Why WordPress Web Design?

WordPress is the largest CMS (Content Management System in the world powering up to a third of all business websites you visit on the web daily.  While WordPress started out as a foundation for a blogging system, it over the years evolved into a powerhouse of tools that allow us to create beautiful, fast professional websites.

WordPress is an extremely flexible platform that can handle almost any type of website design.

With an established estimate of 64 Million websites using WordPress including notable sites such as Forbes and CNN, WordPress packs a powerful tool for any web design and development project.


Website Design & Development Process

Website Design & Development go hand in hand with a professional project. Our web design team works on creating the beauty of your site everything that pops and our web development makes the functionality work on your website.  From the initial foundation of our first layout to the HTML markup, CSS Styling, Javascript & PHP Coding, rest assured your project will prove to amaze. 

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Website Design vs Website Development


Website Design Aspects

Website design is normally what we call the front-end of the website.  This is what the end-user sees on the page.  It includes the layout of the pages, images, colour, and animations.  In short web designers are what makes every website unique and beautiful. Colour theory and web design trends are very important in a online marketing setting.


Website Development Aspects

Website development is the process of taking what our web design process has created and making it functional.  This includes all the programming, HTML markup, CSS Styling, Javascript & PHP programming.  All these elements are required to make a website work.  Our development process is also in charge of installing and configuring plugins that may be required for certain aspects of our functional website design project.

World-Class WordPress Framework

We utilize a world-class framework called Divi for our WordPress website design projects.  The Divi theme builder allows us to customize every aspect of our web design pages from the smallest text to the images you see. 

No longer are we limited to set in stone WordPress themes that only allow so much.  Using Divi has unlocked potential beyond what we can imagine with our web design process and increases the speed in which we can put our design ideas into functional websites.

Divi Theme Builder

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