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VoIP Services

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a technology that converts your VoIP into a digital signal.  Allowing you to call from any VoIP enabled device such as smartphones, desktop phone or computer.

The word VoIP means (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  This means that all you need is a working internet connection and you can call worldwide.  Many businessess have converted to using VoIP services as beyond the higher quality of digital telephony VoIP also costs a fair amount less than traditional copper infrastructure.  

Due to the nature of VoIP it can be utilized anywhere in the world.  From smartphones, desktop phones and even software phones working straight from your personal computer.


Business telephony solutions

Business VoIP Solutions

pbx solutions

PBX Solutions

From call recordings to auto attendants.  Our PBX solutions can help.  We can deploy PBX systems on-site or in the cloud with unlimited extensions and features.

pbx solutions

Video & Voice Conferencing

Working remotely & online meetings has never been easier with voice and video conferencing solutions.  Utilize the power of full HD for crystal clear quality.

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Top Hardware Provided

We are proud suppliers of Yealink telephony products.  Yealink has been voted one of the top voice over IP hardware manufacturers in the world.

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Number Porting Service

Never lose a number again!  With Number Porting we can keep your old number and take it anywhere where you require it.  Changing providers has never been easier.

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Per Second Billing

421 Online guarantees the best competitive rates on all VoIP services. All calls are billed accurately per second ensuring low call rates and cost savings.

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Work From Anywhere

The nature of VoIP makes it possible for us to use the service anywhere, even on your smartphone.  Your staff can even work remotely using your normal phone systems.

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Business voip solutions

Desktop Phones

voip phone

Wireless IP Phones

video conference

Video & Audio Conferencing

VoIP & PBX Features

App Center

Auto Clip

Auto Provision IP


Automated Attendant (IVR)


Billing App

Call Back


Call Monitor

Call Recording

Call Routing

Call Transfer


Distinctive Ringtone

Emergency Number

Event Center


Fax to Email

Find Me/Follow Me

Hot Standby

Import/Export Extensions


Mobility Extension

Music on Hold

Call Queues


Time Condition

User Portal

User Privileges

Video Calls

Voicemail to Email

SLA – Service Levels

Email to SMS / SMS to Email

Call Detail Records (CDR)

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